Marble 2.2.0 Portable Free Download Latest Version

Marble 2.2.0 Portable Free Download Latest Version

Marble 2.2.0 Portable Free Download Latest Version

Marble 2.2.0

It is an atlas that is geographical a digital globe which allows you quickly explore other places on our home earth. You can use Marble to research areas, to produce maps, quickly measure distances and to retrieve detail details about locations that you have just found out about into the news or on the Internet. An individual program is clean, straightforward and easy to use. You can pan and zoom around, and you will look up places and roadways. A mouse click on a spot label provides the Wikipedia that is the particular article.

Marble 2.2.0 Portable gives you the capacity to display globe that is rotating the type of a sphere or in classic mode “flat” map. The application happens to designed with a search engine which allows you to find an accepted destination of great interest to us very easily. Also, you can view maps in satellite view, or a map that is historic (from 1689 years).

Offers Different Type of Views:

One of the key features of Marble is the variety of themes it offers to supply. It comes down with some presets, like Atlas or Earth at, and it provides the possibility to download several more evening. Also, the view can be shifted from the globe, to map that is flat Mercator, for a style that suits you best. The same can be applied to other celestial bodies because Earth is not the planet that is just can place underneath the scope. Furthermore, amongst the themes that can use, you find historical maps to get a better glimpse of how things seemed years ago. It makes learning that is great, not merely suitable for the house, but also in schools.

Similar to Google Map Interface also offers Offline View:

The system opens with a view of the Earth as a globe, and navigation is initially similar to Google’s offering. You can type in an address to get the location on the map, get instructions to/from selected points, measure distances between locations, view Wikipedia article for selected cities/countries, set bookmarks, export routes to KML structure, save map views as JPG images, and more. It comprises because of this with fast loading maps (that can download for offline viewing) plus an Open Source infrastructure that will not require OpenGL.

More than a Map Application:

You can left-click and drag to turn the planet while spinning the mouse wheel zooms you in and out. Needless to say, it is also possible to determine distances between locations or watch the cloud address that is current. Marble offers different thematic maps: A classroom-style map that is topographic a satellite view, street map, earth at night and heat and precipitation maps. All plans include a customized map key, so it also used as a tool that is academic employed in classrooms. For educational purposes, you can change date as well as time and watch how the starry sky and the twilight zone in the map change.

Marble provides different thematic maps:

  • Topographic maps into the style that is classical
  • City maps and street
  • Kinds of satellite
  • View associated with earth through the night
  • Moon Card
  • Weather maps with temperature and precipitation
  • Historic maps
  • As well as other

Information Layers:

  • Weather
  • Day/Night View
  • Real-time clouds
  • Real-time Satellites
  • Photos
  • Wikipedia Articles
  • Postal Codes
  • Real-time traffic
  • Earthquakes


  • Distance measurement
  • Time Simulation
  • Bookmarks
  • Offline Mode

Routing & Navigation:

  • Online motorcar routing
  • Online pedestrian routing
  • Online bike routing
  • Online transit routing
  • Offline bike path download that is in-app download in-app download that is in-app
  • Offline motorcar routing download that is in-app download in-app download that is in-app
  • Offline pedestrian path download that is in-app download in-app download that is in-app
  • Eco routing
  • Offline transit routing
  • Real-time traffic
  • Elevation profile
  • Arbitrary via points
  • Alternative networks
  • Voice navigation
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Regional speakers


  • It is just a light fat of the total component associated with the maps for use in your very own qt/ that is 4.x ++ applications. Marble Widget provides a solution that is complete displaying maps and locations. It consists of support for GPS tracking and KML / GPX that is importing file.
  • Marble runs decently even without hardware acceleration. She just uses Qt’s Arthur API, as being an artwork backend. Additional support for OpenGL now works.
  • It’s cross-platform and runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X. The the Mac
  • Marble makes use of raster and vector data.
  • It provides an architecture that is plugin can easily extend a lot of use cases.
  • Marble brings much of its data from internet servers but can be used in also standalone mode.
  • It may use several projections: Globe, flat map and Mercator.
  • Marble has received support from several data which can be third-party such as for instance Open Street Map, Wikipedia, KML, GPX, etc.
  • It starts very quickly


Taking all into thought, we can state that Marble makes geography lessons easy. The multiple kinds of view you can enjoy, plus the routing system makes it an application that is practical. Then give this energy a try, to rediscover Mother Earth if it has been some time since you last opened an atlas.

Marble 2.2.0 Portable Free Download Latest Version

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